Several free Buddhist books

Here are the citations for the two books I acquired from the Buddhist temple.

Dhammananda, K. Sri. How to Live Without Fear & Worry. BMS Publications, 2001.

Thich, Thien-Tam, and Forrest G. Smith. Pure-Land Zen: Zen Pure-Land: Letters from Patriarch Yin Kuang. Amida Fellowship, 1995.

Theravada Buddhism

“Access to Insight.” Access to Insight. N.p., 20 Dec. 2015. Web. 23 July 2017.

I think that, in my research in Buddhism, I will focus on Theravada Buddhism (The School of the Elders). It is the eldest form of Buddhism, and, if I go into the other schools, it would serve as a pretty good jumping-off point for understanding other forms.

This website has a lot of amazing information on Theravada Buddhism, which I will try to read.

Thank you for reading,

Audrey Cole